We’ve been hearing about the Moto X+1 quite a lot recently, from a leaked video showing the phones boot animation to a video of the phone wrapped in plastic, we’re yet to fully see what the phone will look like. Thankfully @evleaks was on-hand to provide the image we’ve all been waiting for, for a long time. A press render has surfaced showing what’s apparently the Moto X+1 in a protective case, there’s just one thing. It just doesn’t look right.

The image, which you can see below, shows off what’s supposedly the Moto X+1 in a protective case, but there’s a few things that make this image look odd. First, the camera is absolutely massive. There’s word that Motorola might be improving the camera on the Moto X+1, but that’s just silly. I attempted to shrink the image so the camera matched the size of my Moto X, but as you can see, that made the phone image pretty tiny:

moto x vs image

Even against the Moto G the phone pictured remains just as small.

Also, where’s the flash? Of course, that could be the case at fault here, or like with the Moto E, Motorola could be a abandoning the flash on the Moto X+1 completely but considering all rumours are pointing to the device being an improved version of the Moto X, that seems highly unlikely.

What could be posted here is the Moto E which has been mistaken for the Moto X+1, the devices size as well as the front facing speakers are reminiscent of Motorola’s “priced for all” Moto E.

There’s also the addition of a few extra holes on the back, one of which is likely for a microphone used for video, but the other is a little peculiar. I think I’m going to call bullshit on this image. Whether the case manufacturer has accidentally used the Moto E by mistake, or the tipster gave false information to @evleaks, the more I look at this image the more I doubt its legitimacy.

Here’s hoping Motorola release some information soon, eh?


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