It’s a controversial topic, and has been doing the rounds for many years now – but popular YouTuber Nerdwriter1 does a great job of summarising the issue in his latest video; ‘The Unique Art of Video Games’.

The title of the video is a little misleading – you’d expect from the title a video that explored the many shapes and forms of video game art, or perhaps a rousing essay on how video games change the way in which we relate to and experience art.

These topics are only lightly discussed towards the end of the video (to be fair, he admits that he hasn’t played games for many years), but the way he traces the legal development of games as an art form, how games have developed since he was a child, as well as the questions he poses regarding the categorisation of different kinds of media and how games can be emotional experiences, touches on a large number of very interesting questions that critics are currently arguing over.

He’s keen for the conversation to continue on Reddit, and you can find the discussion thread here.

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