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Turtle Rock Studios have released a collection of new screen shots from their upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer game Evolve. The new screen shots show of the new monster that was unveiled at this years E3, The Kraken. The Kraken looks a lot like Cthulhu although hopefully he wont send people mad just by looking at them.

Evolve will pit four Hunters against a monster, the Kraken is the second monster that has been announced alongside the Goliath. It’s also likely that more monsters will become available through DLC. The Hunters will fill one of four roles Assault, Medic, Trapper and Support.

The Kraken will be using electrical attacks and Banshee Mines. Like the Goliath the Kraken will be fully upgradable and become nearly unstoppable once it reaches it’s third level of Evolution.

Evolve will be available on the 21st of October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. At the Microsoft E3 Press Conference it was announced that all premium DLC will be coming to Xbox One first, their is currently no news on how long it will take for the DLC to come to the PC and PS4.

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