wave blue dualshock 4

Remember in August last year when Sony unveiled new colour designs for the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controllers? Well it looks like Sony is finally ready to release the controllers in the US later this Autumn (or Fall depending on where you’re from), starting with the ‘Wave Blue’ version.

The new two-toned controller was announced on the PlayStation 4’s Facebook page earlier today saying that it’ll be “coming stateside this fall,” when exactly in the fall the controller will make an appearance is another question, the controller will be priced at $59. There’s yet no word on the release for the Magma Red edition.

Both the Wave Blue and the Magma Red controllers have been available in the UK since the consoles launch last year, so it’s about time Sony took the fancy controllers across the pond.

The controllers, as you might expect, are standard DualShock 4 controllers but with a lick of paint.

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