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Ever fancied yourself as an official Googler? I know I have, but I don’t have the qualifications needed in order to land a job at the Mountain View company, that is until now. Remember their April Fool’s prank which allowed people, using Google Maps, to find and capture Pokémon? Well, those that managed to capture all 150 Pokémon are being awarded with a job at Google, and it’s probably the easiest one you’re going to get.

I’m not sure if this is a totally awesome and really sweet idea, or whether Google are dragging this joke out for way too long, but those who persevered with Google’s Pokémon themed April Fools gag are being rewarded with business cards with their name on it, with the job role of Pokémon Master. These business cards are also accompanied by a letter from from Google Maps software engineer Tatsuo Nomura which reads:

“While we don’t currently have a Pokémon Master role, we hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s Prank. Wynaut have a little fun once a year?”

Each winner is being supplied with only a small number of business cards so they’ll probably want to use them sparingly, as for the job at Google, they “don’t currently have” a Pokémon Master role, so fire up your Pokédex because Google is looking for you!

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