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So a day came like no other, when we needed a power and a force that we have never seen before, for some unknown reason The Avengers are otherwise occupied, so we’re in need of some colour co-ordinated teens who could withstand any threat. That’s right, it’s the Power Rangers Avengers.

Perhaps the ensemble of super heroes are washing their uniform’s, and The Hulk is taking anger management, so we’re going to need to find a replacement, stat. So this is why I’ve prepared a roster of all the Power Rangers who could probably beat down Loki.

Tommy the Green Ranger – Let’s face we all know who this guy is. The guy who had so many ranger forms he could have his own team of Power Rangers. Tommy Oliver, the original sixth ranger was so popular he even ended up taking the coveted Red Ranger role. Is there a bigger contender to take the place of Captain America?

TJ – The second Red Turbo Ranger – Looking at his track record, TJ may not look like the best choice for this colourful collection of Avengers considering under his leadership the Power Rangers suffered their first huge defeat in their 20 year history and Power Rangers Turbo had some of the trickiest footage to work with.

This was because the Super Sentai series Power Rangers Turbo was based on Carranger was a parody of the franchise. But I think every team needs an underdog and a centre point of humour and jokes.

Lucas – The Blue Time Force Ranger – Going on my distant memory and commentary from Power Ranger commentator Linkara, Lucas was a little under developed. While I was also looking back on the time I attempted to watch Time Force’s Japanese counterpart Timeranger the Blue ranger in that had an interesting mopey demeanour and a disease which was shortening his lifespan.

Could that serve as inspiration for a character that could be developed?

Trini – The Original Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger – It’s always a little sad to think the one of the original five rangers is dead and at such a young age. It would be great to see Trini come back in some way and morph one more time and even up the score

Dina Cataldi- The MMPR Blue Ranger – I know the Kickstarter funded Power Rangers film isn’t out yet, but what we’ve seen of Dina Cataldi so far proves she could be bad ass fifth ranger. A fifth ranger is a gender stereotype right? Let’s mix it up with someone from a different continuity from a start and doesn’t fight like any ranger I’ve seen before.

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