Twitter users today (myself included) may have been greeted by a promoted tweet from advertising their #AmazonBasket system. When it was first revealed the world I kind of went “Oh that’s interesting,” then returned to flopping around clickbait sites and sending each other pictures of their equally odd-looking cats doing human things. Amazon, obviously being rather perturbed by this flash in a pan, have tried to regain this interest with a marketing move which has all the hallmarks of a beartrap on a chair in its ability to bite them in the backside. How? With this promotional tweet.


At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking this meant by replying to this you’d get £30 free to spend on After replying to the tweet however you find instead of having £30 to spend, there’s £30 of Amazon vouchers sat in your basket.

Now yes, most people aren’t going to fall for this I grant you. For those of us who perhaps have less than admirably techno-savvy friends or acquaintances however this a time to just nudge them on the shoulder and give them fair warning.

Why this has been done is brutally obvious of course. Owning a currently trending hashtag as a business is greatly enticing as it pulls more customers towards your brand simply by having the name there. Using a perhaps nefariously worded tweet to get it tweeting is a little low brow though. If you see this tweet just remember, it’s putting £30 of Amazon vouchers in your basket to BUY. They aren’t giving you £30 free.

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