Rainbow Six: Siege

Probably one of the more stand-out reveals from E3 this year was Rainbow Six: Siege. After shuttering Rainbow Six: Patriots, Rainbow Six: Siege was unveiled at the end of Ubisoft’s briefing and most of us here at n3rdabl3 towers were in awe, briefly pausing our mad scramble to try cover everything at E3, we collectively sat open jawed at the mutliplayer trailer which showed a hostage rescue scenario complete with destructible environments and team-based action. But what if you’re a recluse that has no friends to play with? Thankfully the multiplayer-heavy game will have a single player offering, but it’ll be a little different.

If there’s one thing we took from Ubisoft’s media briefing at E3 is that you’ll enjoy most of their upcoming games with friends, but what if you hate relying on other people? What if you’re not a team player? Well thankfully Rainbow Six: Siege does have a single player offering, but it’ll be open in a sense that you decide how each mission plays out and how you tackle the scenario at hand.

According to Ubisoft Montreal’s creative vice-president Lionel Raynaud, “the way you play the missions is open, you choose the order. It’s dynamic, meaning we will bring new content as players play the mission.”

“We were tired of single-player, scripted military missions where things appear triggered by player presence,” Raynaud told IGN. “We want to refresh that. We want the same level of intensity and surprise scripted scenes used to have, but within a multiplayer game.”

How exactly that’ll play out is another question as details surrounding the single player are yet to be revealed.

For those looking to get their hands on Rainbow Six: Siege, there’s word that a beta will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but once again details are thin. Speaking with OXM, Ubisoft’s producer Sebastien Labbe said in regards to a beta, “there will certainly be things that will occur, but at the moment we can’t talk about that. It’s not clearly defined because it’s still a lot of work to do, but certainly there will be some announcements about that. So stay tuned.”

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