Earlier this week the Season Finale of  Game of Thrones Season aired on HBO and just 12 hours after release the episode, titled “The Children”, broke the previous torrenting record held by another episode of the show with over 2 Petabytes of illegal downloads.

I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but from what I’ve seen from peoples reactions on Twitter and Facebook the finale earlier this week was both surprising and disappointing. For many, waiting for the show to air in their country or appear on HBO Go just isn’t an option, so they opt for the next best thing, downloading the episode via torrents. That’s exactly what millions of people did as soon as the show finished airing, so much so that the finale broke the record for the highest number of torrent downloads smashing the 2 petabyte mark in just 12 hours.

TorrentFreak revealed the numbers yesterday saying that they saw “roughly” 1.5 million downloads in the first 12 hours after airing, the news site also revealed that the episode also broke the record for “largest swarm” which is the amount of people sharing the same file.

“The download total is expected to increase to more than 7.5 million during the weeks to come and means that unless a miracle happens, Game of Thrones will be crowned the most-pirated TV-show of the year once again.” says TorrentFreak.

Australia seems to be the most popular country to torrent the show partly due to the Australian pay TV service Foxtel having exclusive rights to the show meaning no other channel can broadcast or stream Game of Thrones.

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