Well possibly not the last one, but seeing the fights from past Sims games, I’m pretty sure some phlegm will be flying. If that didn’t disgust you as a Sims fan, then prepare to be utterly crestfallen at the news that the next iteration in the life simulator’s repertoire of wallet killing, expansion pack fueled fun will not include toddlers or swimming pools!

In a recent blog on the official Sims site by Ryan Vaughan, he covers some points that players should be aware of, the often talked about emotion mechanics that seem to be the focal point of every snippet of information seen since The Sims 4 was announced, and the online services provide the tool of being able to download other user’s creations, which is seriously nothing new since the Sims 3.

Also covered is travelling from one city to another. Being able to drive your created character from his or her hometown to another for a bit of diversity is surely a welcome addition to the series and will serve to act as a potential way to make friends in new areas, commute to a higher paying job in a more productive city or just finding a decent fishing spot to get away from your over emotional, neurotic wife. A small but handy feature.

Regarding the lack of toddlers, I’m sure that the lifespan from baby to older person will be sufficient enough for players, including six different stages in age progression, it’s not exactly a huge loss. Especially when you can avoid the terrible twos, the need to buy another twenty clothing sizes in the space of six years and less time cleaning crayon and thrown foodstuff from walls.

Mr Vaughan highlights the build mode and how it has progressed, being a much more powerful tool to design the house of your dreams albeit now with the tiny issue of not being able to add a swimming pool. That may seem like a minor niggle, but the fact is, it’s going to upset a well-known part of the Sims community… That subset of people known as absolute nutters.

No more of this, you creepy lot.
No more of this, you creepy lot.

In every previous game, this species of villain would invite some friends over for a party, get the music pumping and fire up the barbecue, lulling their guests into the false sense that good times were to be had. When everyone jumped in for a dip, Mr or Mrs Dribble would then slip away unnoticed with the ladders, climb onto the balcony with a cocktail wearing mother’s best dress and watch as each of his victims crawled and backstroked themselves to exhaustion, ultimately ending in a chlorinated soup of 3D rendered corpses.

Okay so that was slightly more detail than you needed and there was no soup. The sadly departed Sim would disappear after violently choking on water and possibly appear later as a dripping blue manifestation of their former self. Always nice when you have no one else to talk to.

It is however a feature that will not be present for those people to take advantage of. Oh, and those who like swimming. From what Mr. Vaughan has stated though, it will probably be added later. I assume that means the game is either unfinished on release or more than likely, they plan to sap your pennies by including it in an expansion, such as The Sims 4: Psychotic Tendencies (Pool, Dodgy Cooker and Spike-trap Edition).

Instead, you can play with fountains… Nice.

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