Good news for those who want to work at Sony, the company has inundated LinkedIn this month with job listings. Ranging from Sony Pictures, to Sony Online Entertainment, the roles are diverse to say the least. It would appear the Japanese technology giant is on a massive recruitment drive.

Most notable of the roles to us however, are the PlayStation specific ones, as they potentially give us clues into what direction PlayStation may be taking. For instance SCEA is looking for a Business Development manager for Gaikai and a Senior Marketing Manager for PlayStation Now. SNEI (Sony Network Entertainment Int’l) is also looking for tons of network developers, indicating a greater focus on the online PlayStation services.

The folks at the NeoGAF forums discovered that this month 191 roles were posted by Sony, and they themselves are speculating that Sony will be putting more emphasis on the cloud based service PlayStation Now. Specific roles like webkit developers, hint that Sony will be developing more apps and services that will be cloud based, so that they can run on low resource machines. This essentially screams PlayStation Now.

With the PS Now beta already under-way it’s not surprising that Sony is looking to hire people who will either lead or at least help build up the service, particularly developers who will be needed to respond to feedback from the Beta.

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