With devices such as Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and the Roku, offering the ability to stream shows soon after they’ve aired as well as having huge libraries of movies available at the touch of a button, the need for a DVD player or cable box may soon become an afterthought. This idea is something that Roku CEO, Anthony Wood, thinks will happen sooner, rather than later.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Wood said that the DVD Players and cable boxes may soon go away, revealing that around 35 per cent of Roku customers don’t actually have a cable or satellite subscription.

“Things like DVD players are going to go away. Cable boxes are obviously going away, too,” he said. “DVRs are just a stepping stone technology. When everything is on demand, you won’t have to record anything anymore so that’s going to disappear.”

Wood also revealed that despite competition from Apple, Google, and Amazon, things are still going strong for Roku saying: “Anything that gets people excited about streaming, we’re for.”

Roku are most famous for their streaming set-top-boxes, but have recently released a HDMI streaming stick as well as unveiling a range of Smart TV’s at CES earlier this year.

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