The Steam Summer Sale has reached it’s tenth and final day. As a result, in the tradition of Steam, it’s time for an encore day of epic proportions. Pretty much every popular title that’s been in the main section of the summer sale is back with a final discount. Now we here at n3rdabl3 and been writing about it for the past 10 days. Time for a greatest hits montage I think.

Payday 2

Payday-2-Goes-RetailIf you’d like to take your frustration out on having no money left after the sale, what better way to invoke your vengeance than robbing some virtual banks in Payday 2? If you haven’t played any of the series, think Left 4 Dead, replacing police and SWAT teams for zombified uglies and fat blokes that have been sick down their shirts.

The co-operative online multiplayer is a great way to team up with some friends and take a particular role in the robberies while you slide from cover to cover, juggling safe-cracking, shooting members of the local constabulary and stuffing great wads of unmarked cash into sports bags. At an 80% reduction, it’s a steal! (Pun entirely intended)

Metro: Last Night Complete Edition

Metro-Last-Light-2Again with the Apocalypse! Metro is slightly different from Fallout in that is offers a much grittier and less humorous take on the world after it’s ended. Metro is set in Russia and focuses mainly on stealth FPS gameplay, in a world where bullets are literally a currency. The game itself has a solid story, thanks to the fact it’s based in the same universe as the Russian novel “Metro 2033″. This game is much more linear in it’s approach, partly due to the fact it’s set in the Russian Metro system (hence the title). Essentially the subway system acted as the largest underground shelter imaginable and now the residents of Moscow live there after nuclear war has ravaged the surface. The only problem being that excessive radiation has caused nasty monsters to grow and evolve on the surface, who will often attack the survivors in the Metro.  The game is long for an fps these days, and will certainly satisfy fps fans who are sick an tired of the “WAR! BLAM! BANG!” common in fps titles.

Borderlands 2

borderlands2If you’ve missed out on Borderlands 2 so far, then you’ve not been paying attention! Join the rest of the world in the role of a Vault Hunter on the hunt for fame and fortune, yet never quite getting there because of the gaming world’s most charming, white toothed antagonist, Handsome Jack. A game of gunplay, crass humour and obsessive weapon looting, the game doesn’t let you stop to draw breath from minute one. Enter the psychotic, chaotic and neurotic world of Pandora alone or online with a few friends and get utterly hooked into one of the nuttiest FPS games you’ll ever play.

On first look, it’s £4.99 for Borderlands 2. If you look for the GOTY version however, you’ll almost double your gaming time in this amazing shooter for just a few extra pounds at £8.74.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

skyrimSkyrim is one of those other games in the life-enveloping vein of Terraria. The depth of Bethesda’s massive RPG is nothing short of extraordinary. You can play this game for two years solid and still find a new little cave or random hut that wasn’t there before. That’s before you even begin to tie a rope to your chest and Spelunk into the modding scene which still sees new content appear daily either on the Nexus Mod Database or Steam’s proprietary Workshop. If you own a PC and don’t yet own Skyrim then you’re doing yourself, your family and your hard drive a great disservice. Even more so when you check out the price for the base game, which today is £2.49. For those of you who desire the full package then fear not. Skyrim: Legendary Edition is available at 66% off the standard price, £6.79.

State of Decay

state of decayState of Decay began life on the Xbox Live Arcade, it soon became one of the fastest selling games on the Xbox Marketplace with many begging for the game to land on other platforms. In November last year the developers, Undead Labs, finally released the game on Steam, and today it’s yours for as little as £3.74. State of Decay throws you into a world plagued with Zombies, but this isn’t just any zombie survival game, you must really survive the hoards of undead because once your character is dead, that’s it. Perma-death.

With a full roster of 40 encore offers, along with yesterday’s price drops and the static sale prices take a look yourself for a whole tonne of titles.

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