summer sale 2

Here we are! It’s Day two of the Steam Summer Sale and to celebrate the sun has come out in full force here in good old Blighty and you know what that means! Time to stay indoors so our pale skin doesn’t get burned in the cruel summer sun! Today’s Steam Sale is a corker, with some big hitters being knocked down to pittence, as well as a good selection of games in the flash sale!

So let’s get started! Here’s my top pick of todays Steam Summer Sale offering.

state of decayState of Decay State of Decay began life on the Xbox Live Arcade, it soon became one of the fastest selling games on the Xbox Marketplace with many begging for the game to land on other platforms. In November last year the developers, Undead Labs, finally released the game on Steam, and today it’s yours for as little as £3.74. State of Decay throws you into a world plagued with Zombies, but this isn’t just any zombie survival game, you must really survive the hoards of undead because once your character is dead, that’s it. Perma-death.

Plague incPlague Inc: Evolved – There’s no better game to spend your lonely time indoors than Plague Inc: Involved. Why? Well because you can pretend to unleash a deadly virus amongst the world and watch whilst the earth’s population scrambles to find a cure or at least dies trying. It’s kind of game that someone who likes burning ants with a magnifying glass would enjoy. So it’s right up my street.

game dev tycoonGame Dev Tycoon – Anyone who’s ever played a game probably has some sort of criticism as to how it can be improved or think that a certain feature should have been added. Whether it’s a massive title from the likes of Ubisoft or a much smaller indie game from the likes of Bossa Studio’s, there’s always going to be someone out there with some sort of opinion – mostly game critics, those opinionated scoundrels. Game Dev Tycoon puts you in a position where you can make the game you’ve always dreamed of, or at least be in control of your own development studio making that game. You’ll then see how much work goes into creating some of your favourite games.

Finally we’ve got the flash sales, these little sods keep popping up every eight hours giving MASSIVE discounts on games you hadn’t even thought you wanted, until now.

At time of writing the current flash sales are:

  • Pixel Piracy – £5.49
  • Spore – £4.99
  • Dungeon Defenders – £2.49
  • Mount & Blade: Warband – £2.99

Also, the Purple Team was the winner of Day One which means 30 lucky players will get the chance to choose any three games from their wishlist! What team are you on? Let us know in the comments below.

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