steam summer sale day 3

It’s the weekend. A time we are all poked by assorted family members and acquaintances to step outside with bleary eyes for a little social interaction. Thankfully the Steam Summer Sale is here to help with a strong assortment of adventures. So for those of us out there who shun the searing touch of sunlight with the ferocity of a cat avoiding bath night, here’s n3rdabl3’s three top picks from the Steam Summer Sale Day 3.


TerrariaIf you missed the Terraria train there’s always plenty of company at the station. All too often a subsect of gaming culture – myself included for a time – have missed out on the 2D delight, developed and published by Re-logic. As of this very moment however, there’s no excuse for not delving into the procedurally-generated surroundings laid out before you in Terraria. Why is there no excuse? Well for one it’s got the lassoing power of a thousand John Marston’s tied together. Few games share Terraria’s ability to hook you and then keep you playing until the sun rises, two days later. And then there’s a price. £1.39. Seriously £1.39. If you haven’t spent any time playing the game then now’s the perfect time to change it. Why not ruin the social lives of three friends in the process and get the four pack at £4.59.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

skyrimSkyrim is one of those other games in the life-enveloping vein of Terraria. The depth of Bethesda’s massive RPG is nothing short of extraordinary. You can play this game for two years solid and still find a new little cave or random hut that wasn’t there before. That’s before you even begin to tie a rope to your chest and Spelunk into the modding scene which still sees new content appear daily either on the Nexus Mod Database or Steam’s proprietary Workshop. If you own a PC and don’t yet own Skyrim then you’re doing yourself, your family and your hard drive a great disservice. Even more so when you check out the price for the base game, which today is £2.49. For those of you who desire the full package then fear not. Skyrim: Legendary Edition is available at 66% off the standard price, £6.79.

Wasteland 2 course for some the idea of real-time action isn’t as enticing as turn-based shenanigans. For the person who prefers action points to agility, the third day of 2014’s Steam Summer Sale is offering Wasteland 2 at £26.79; 33% less than the standard £39.99 asking price. After it’s barnstorming success on Kickstarter, developer inXile brought their post-apocalyptic title to Steam Early access. Ok look we agree with you; spending £26.79 on one game in the Steam Summer Sale is like buying an England football shirt just after they were knocked out of this years world cup, culturally confusing and just downright weird. If you are a huge fan of the post-apocalypse though Wasteland 2 is a sound choice. The story is deep, the combat is brutally unforgiving and the world has a tangible feel (seriously you can almost taste the Uranium dust in the air). That’s not to mention the fact you’re supporting a developer directly through the production process and the added bonuses of the original Wasteland and two digital novella included with the price.

The rest of today’s top runners are no less deserving of your interest as they include Contagion at 75% off, Dragon Age: Origins at 75% off, The Stanley Parable at 60% off and 7 Days to Die at 45% off.

That’s before you even get to those damnable flash sales which (at the time of writing) include DuckTales Remastered at a 66% discount, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 with a third knocked off, and 75% off both Rocksmith and Nosgoth.

Oh yeah and Day 2 was won by the Red Team. Congratulations to the 30 members of the a least one million-strong team that achieved victory.

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