Steam Day 6

So, how much more can you take of the sale? Are you down to your last pennies? Have you been tempted to buy games you don’t even care about just because they were cheap, or have you been lying in wait like a professional stalker for the ones you’d love to get your grubby mitts on?

Whatever your gaming penchant, there’s been a slew of great titles offered by Steam this season and there’s a lot more to come. Today’s list of luscious lovelies are no exception either with some absolute crackers on the bargain board. I think it’s almost time to sell a kidney, folks. Here’s today’s n3 top picks:

batBatman: Arkham Origins

Take a trip to the past in the Kevlar boots of everyone’s favourite caped crusader, as he begins his battle against the terrors of Gotham City.  There are a group of assassin’s in town and on an early adventure, a young Bruce manages to get a price on his head, putting him square in the sights of infamous villains as the Penguin, Bane, Deathstroke and the Black Mask, who is masterminding the headhunt.

A trip away from the Rocksteady series of Arkham games, Origins still manages to make an impact by letting you control Batman in a magnificent, urban Winter wonderland with all the moves, gadgetry and weaponry you’d expect from DC’s darkest knight.

Holy special savings, Batman! It’s only £5.74 and with the season pass dropped to £3.74, you’ll have the whole experience for under a tenner. Bat-tastic!

Child of Lightchild-of-light-walkthrough

One of the most touchingly beautiful RPG’s of the year. Child of Light dips you daintily into a world of poetry, pastels and turn based battles with a twist. The tale of Aurora, a princess trapped in deep sleep awakens in a dream world and discovers that the sun, moon and stars have been stolen by the Queen of the Night. Accompanied by Igniculus, a firefly with supporting powers, Aurora travels though the beautiful, hand-painted land of Lemuria to her ultimate destiny.

A criminally overlooked game that has more depth than you could imagine, an enchanting tale and some of the most colourful characters with the flowing poetry of a great writing team. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to pick this up for £8.99. Okay, so it’s not a huge cut, but nonetheless, it’s well worth the asking price.

Company_of_Heroes_2Company of Heroes 2

The original set a high standard for the RTS genre back in 2006 with it’s campaign of American skirmishes and amazingly in-depth building and combat tactics. The sequel draws you into the Eastern Front campaigns that put you in the fleeced boots of the Soviet army, one of the most important factions of the allied forces.

Bringing back the excellent gameplay of the original and adding a few new elements, Company of Heroes 2 deserves just as much attention as it’s precursor and can be purchased for a massive 75% reduction at just £7.49.

Don’t forget to check on the Flash Sale that updates every eight hours for some massively crushed bargains. The games at time of writing are:

  • The Secret World – £9.99
  • Infested Planet – £5.49
  • Next Car Game – £11.99
  • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes – £2.99

Check back on n3rdabl3 tomorrow for the seventh day of the Steam Summer Sale and another day of pretending you’re going to tighten your belt to the partner.

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