Day five, and the war with my wallet continues… Today I’m writing this as thunder crackles and rain spits on my window, essentially the weather gaming was invented for.

Today’s deals offer something for everyone, but more specifically those who want to buy games they’ll be playing for weeks, not days. While Call of Duty Ghosts is something to look out for, it’s not necessarily the best option, so I’ve chosen my top 3 from today’s Daily Deals.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell BlacklistSplinter Cell Blacklist

The re-imagining of Splinter Cell has been long due, and after the not quite up to par but still commendable Conviction, Splinter Cell fans were divided. Blacklist offers the chance to experience Splinter Cell on next gen as it should be, whilst still retaining the excellent Bourne-Esque combat of Conviction. Blacklist is a much more diverse Splinter Cell, with three unique play styles to suit players new and old. Fans of the older Splinter Cell can take the totally non-lethal and far more skilled “Ghost” path, while those who like more brutal predatory action can choose to play “Panther” or even go all out shooty tooty in “Assault”. All in all the game gives around 10 hours, if you include the co-op and side missions. The online also see’s the return of the incredibly popular spies vs mercs game modes from Splinter Cells of old.

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Editionfallout-new-vegas-wallpaper_1280x720

Bethesda titles are often the most sought out of the steam sales, and there is good reason for it. For those who don’t know Fallout(where have you been), the game is set 200 years after a nuclear war in what is now the wastelands of America. Full of humour and adventure Fallout 3 is regarded as one of the best games ever made. It’s sequel New Vegas, while not quite on par due to buggyness, offered players the chance to go to a slightly more interesting place in the Mojave desert. It’s a solid RPG which will have you playing for literally hundreds of hours,  and as it is the Ultimate Edition on sale you can also expect to extend that massive play time with the DLC. For fans of the series and those new to it, this is a game that not only offers something different, but in terms of value for money is an absolute steal.

Metro-Last-Light-2Metro Last Light Complete Edition

Again with the Apocalypse! Metro is slightly different from Fallout in that is offers a much grittier and less humorous take on the world after it’s ended. Metro is set in Russia and focuses mainly on stealth FPS gameplay, in a world where bullets are literally a currency. The game itself has a solid story, thanks to the fact it’s based in the same universe as the Russian novel “Metro 2033”. This game is much more linear in it’s approach, partly due to the fact it’s set in the Russian Metro system (hence the title). Essentially the subway system acted as the largest underground shelter imaginable and now the residents of Moscow live there after nuclear war has ravaged the surface. The only problem being that excessive radiation has caused nasty monsters to grow and evolve on the surface, who will often attack the survivors in the Metro.  The game is long for an fps these days, and will certainly satisfy fps fans who are sick an tired of the “WAR! BLAM! BANG!” common in fps titles.

Flash Sales (Updated every 8 hours, next update 2am gmt)

  • Nidhogg £3.73 (-66%)
  • Shadow Warrior £5.99 (-80%)
  • Darksiders II £4.99 (-80%)
  • Space Hulk £1.90 (90%)

We’ll be back with tomorrows updates, tomorrow!

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