Seriously, these sales should be contained to a weekend for damage control to the old financial peace of mind. Steam sales have the ability to do what EA and Activision can only hope for… Emptying gamers’ bank accounts faster than a crack Payday squad led by John Dillinger and Jesse James.

It should, however, be real life payday for most and you can start filling your account wallet with moolah for today’s fine selection of magnificent gaming morsels. Have a look below if you can afford to continue on your way to bankruptcy. Just tell the missus or mister that you’ve invested some cash in a holiday, anniversary gift or crate of their favourite booze and all will be well.

DEUSEX_DC_PC_heroDeus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut

One of the first genre mashing titles to appear, Deus Ex was an FPS, RPG and adventure gamer’s wet dream. The third game in the series puts you in the augmented, swimming goggled protagonist, Adam Jensen, a defence specialist tasked to protect highly guarded military secrets… That is until the building you work in is broken into and you;re pulled into a twisting story of deceit and mystery.

Deaus Ex: HRDC is a great addition to anyone’s collection, especially if you like games that let you decide how to play. Guns blazing, hacking devices to sneak past security or a mix of both just because you’re a saucy sod? There’s plenty of scope for your playstyle whatever you choose to do. For £3.24, you’d be a bit daft not to pick this up.

Payday 2: The HeistPayday-2-Goes-Retail

If you’d like to take your frustration out on having no money left after the sale, what better way to invoke your vengeance than robbing some virtual banks in Payday 2? If you haven’t played any of the series, think Left 4 Dead, replacing police and SWAT teams for zombified uglies and fat blokes that have been sick down their shirts.

The co-operative online multiplayer is a great way to team up with some friends and take a particular role in the robberies while you slide from cover to cover, juggling safe-cracking, shooting members of the local constabulary and stuffing great wads of unmarked cash into sports bags. At an 80% reduction, it’s a steal! (Pun entirely intended)

gtaivGrand Theft Auto IV & Episodes From Liberty City

Every ounce of GTA goodness from the fourth in the series packed into one parcel can hardly be a bad thing. Unless you complain that it’s not optimised properly for PC, or that the driving is bloody hard to get used to on your first go or you hate your idiot cousin phoning you halfway through a mission so you can take him to the dry-cleaners because he’s just soiled himself again…

Whatever the problems with GTAIV, they’re easily fixed with a few mods and by having Roman pushed off a pier wearing concrete wellies. I lie about the last bit, but someone seriously needs to make that mod!

If you’ve missed this previously, go and pick it up now as one of the few sandbox games that actually get it right and along with both of the expansions, there’s months worth of murder, crashing cars and doing bad Eastern European accents trying to sound like Nico. It might also give you some practice for the upcoming release of GTAV on PC. £5.99? Yes, please.

At the time of writing, the Flash Sales are as follows:

  • Alan Wake – £3.44
  • F1 2013 – £7.49
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch – £4.07
  • Reus – £1.74

Stay tuned to n3 for tomorrow’s brand of bank busting price cuts. Three days to go? You’re probably sweating, aren’t you?

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