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Another June day, another Steam Sale. The past few days have been a little lackluster let’s all be honest. Today though, today they’ve thrown up an amazing selectio of titles with three brilliant little gems which pretty much every Steam user should own. We aren’t kidding. Let’s live on the wild side and start with number one.


Goat Simulator

GOATSIMULATOR_CSS_1920x1080See, not kidding. Get it?! HA. Ok sorry. Anywho, Coffee Stain Studios brought us the crazy wonder of Goat Simulator on April 1st this year. One might look upon the game as something of an April Fool but digging a little deeper you find a great little fun game which just got given the 1.1 update. This update opens up the opportunity for multiplayer, Titanfall-style wall running, and more glorious bugs. Add to that the ever growing library of mods which sits on the Steam Workshop begging for attention and you’ve got a wonderfully buggy title which gives you a tonne of joy for the low price of £4.19.


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

ChivalryWhat does a weekend usually need?  A nice alcoholic beverage and a pizza? Nah, it needs a bunch of angry knights swinging maces and crushing the skulls of other knights. So luckily in the Steam Summer Sale today, you can pick up Chivalry: Medieval Warfare at an 80% discount of £3.79. There’s little in this world as fun as watching your enemy’s head literally explode after being struck by an axe. You can also take a little time crushing with hammers, slicing with swords or piercing your rival’s cranium with an arrow. Should you want more, you can pick up the Deadliest Warrior DLC which adds Vikings and Ninja’s among others for £2.19.


Portal 2

Portal 2A theme is forming in today’s Steam Summer Sale, and it’s one of almost endless content. Goat Simulator has Workshop content spilling out of its udders and Chivalry itself has its fair share of user created maps. The third in today’s trio of top titles is a daddy in the field. Tickling the creative tonsils of gamers onward to build weird and wacky test chambers, Portal 2 is available at a low, low price. £3.74 kind of low. Buying Portal 2 at a 75% discount is like purchasing a never-ending pint of beer. There’s always something new being made to batter your brainbox even before you delve into the already huge amount of puzzles already created by the community in the Perpetual Testing Initiative. you can even buy the double pack for £6.24 to delve into a den of co-operative gameplay.

Why have we picked these three titles? Well there’s a games drought coming throughout July and August as summer hits. These three games will provide you with more than enough content to keep on gaming until the end of the long lack of new games.

The flash sales aren’t exactly something to be sniffed at either (as of the time of writing).Terrified toddler simulator Among The Sleep has a 15% reduction in price, Double Fine’s Broken Age is £6.45, the adventures of everyone’s favourite diving pill-popper in Max Payne 3 has a whopping 75% discounted and bringing up the rear we have Watch Dogs offering the opportunity to hack the bank accounts of random people for £31.99.

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