Insomniac Game’s open-world parkour shooter, Sunset Overdrive, is set have more details presented during Microsoft’s event at E3 this evening, something which I’m totally excited about, it looks like Insomniac are too as they’re “Ready to Roll” into E3 with a huge wheeled monstrosity. Oh and it looks like it’ll be getting an eight-player co-op according to a listing on the Xbox Store.

Sunset Overdrive is a zainy open-world affair which sees you, the player, as well as factions of other weird and wonderful survivors, battle it out against hoards of OD’d, unfortunate individuals who have mutated after drinking FizzCo.’s high powered energy drink, Overcharge Delirium XT.  The single player alone looks amazing, but we’ve been wanting details on the mutliplayer co-op part of the game and now it seems, we have them!

Okay, we don’t have all the details, presumably they’ll be revealed later this evening, but according to a listing for the game on the Xbox Store, Sunset Overdrive will feature an eight-player co-operative mode called Chaos Squad, which sees player teaming up to tackle mutant enemies. The listing has since been taken down, but not before MP1st took some snaps.

Remember that wheeled monstrosity I mentioned earlier? Well, it’ll be making an appearance at E3 during Microsoft’s event in the hope to “explode the rules”. It’s a gaudy looking bus of some sort with an OD’d hood ornament. Check out the video above to get an idea of what Microsoft may be up to later this evening.

Stay tuned to n3rdabl3 later this evening when we’ll be bringing you all of the news out of E3 around the clock!


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