Fancy scaring yourself shitless around a repurposed asylum in the middle of the night? No? Me neither. But if you do you’ll be pleased to know that Outlast along with its Whistleblower DLC is available on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One right now.

Outlast puts you in the brave boots of an independent journalist who breaks into a repurposed mental asylum after receiving an anonymous tip-off. Expect fuzzy night vision camera and creepy nasties jumping out at you as you try and figure out why the hell you decided to do this. The Whistleblower DLC which is also available puts you in the shoes of said tipster, a contract software engineer called Weylon Park, and shows you the events running up to, and a little after, the main events of the game.

Outlast launched on PC and PlayStation 4 in February with the Whistleblower DLC landing on both platforms in May. The game is currently listed for release on Xbox One on June 24, but for some reason is available to purchase and download now.

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