Last week when former God of War creative director Stig Asmussen joined Respawn Entertainment, the industry got word he would be working on something that wasn’t Titanfall. Before that however, Titanfall received new maps in the Expedition DLC, and since the arrival of the Xbox One we’ve been hearing all about Titanfall and associating it, of course, with Respawn Entertainment. So, now, it isn’t unreasonable to assume they are working primarily on the beginnings of Titanfall 2. The vast majority of the games press made the assumption.

As it turns out, we all assumed incorrectly.

Through a selection of job listings on the Respawn website (captured by AllGamesBeta) there’s evidence that the team will be working on a third person action-exploration title. This isn’t all that much of a stretch when you consider Stig Asmussen has crafted some of the most artistically interesting environments in recent gaming history during his tenure on the God of War franchise. Should you be considering applying for the position you’re going to need a fairly strong portfolio as each of the two listings visible from the screengrab require at least five years experience in your chosen field.

Respawn Entertainment has cultivated a strong reputation in crafting first person titles, with not only the release of Titanfall but also with the time a large portion of their team spent with Infinity Ward working on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 and 2. The question on everyone’s lips now is will they be able to make a great third person adventure? It’s not a rare occurrence in the games industry for studios to jump between genres, all we can hope is that they do the best they possibly can in crafting a new experience with the injections into staff the studio will be making.

Are you looking forward to seeing a new kind of adventure from Respawn? Or do you think they should stick to making Titanfall 2 rather than spreading themselves over two different games. Let us know in the comments down below.

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