the crew

Ubisoft’s open world massively multiplayer racing game is set to get a closed Beta on PC next month on July 23, and if you’re interested in getting an early slice of the action you’ll be pleased to know that applications are now open. Of course, you’ll need a Uplay account, and the publisher is warning players that the game still contains bugs and glitches that are currently being worked on.

The Crew is set to be a huge title, not only in its reception, but in its concept too. The game is based in the US and players have free roam of the entire country with one particular race going cross country which is expected to last near on two hours. Apparently the game’s map is big enough to include Skyrim, Far Cry 3 and both Grand Theft Auto games with room to spare.

The Crew is set for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 11

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