It’s becoming clear that soon everything will be done digitally or via “The Cloud” whether it’s streaming your entire music collection or downloading it all online, watching seemingly endless episodes of shows on Neftlix, or digitally renting them, or even playing video games from the cloud, or purchasing them digitally, things are definitely changing so it’s about time chart trackers did the same, that’s something the UK’s Official Singles Chart is doing next month when it starts counting data from music that is streamed as well as purchased.

We’ve known that the UK charts planned to count streams at some point, but now we have a more definitive date, July 6. Services such as Spotify, Deezer, Napster, O2 Tracks, Xbox Music, Sony’s Music Unlimited, ect, will be included in the charts with every 100 30+ second play counting as one purchase or download of a single.

Radio 1 will be the first to feature your 100th playback of Blurred Lines on that date – so you can look forward to that invading your ears once more. Check out the video above for the announcement.


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