The guys at Unity have announced that they will be releasing their game development software, Unity 4.3 for public release on Playstation 4. Why should you care? Well Unity is a platform used by many, many developers to build their games, primarily indie developers favour the software. So basically Unity coming to PS4 means more games!

The new 4.3 version supports a bunch of PS4 features too, such as accessing each Dualshock 4’s individual speaker, touchpad, vibration, and light color. The software also supports some neat camera stuff like depth detection, hand and face positioning and PS Move detection. Integration with Sony’s VR headset, Project Morpheus, is currently not released but on its way.

The new version also includes some nice general next-gen stuff like Shader Model 5 and compute shaders, which in layman terms means nicer graphics.

Sony is currently giving devs an incentive to sign up for Unity now by making it free for certain licenses and approved titles, which means again, more games. Still not convinced? Well, why not have a look at some of the games made in Unity.

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