BlackBerry Bold 9900

When you look at phones to buy these days, chances are you’re not looking at a Blackberry, yet it seems Blackberry is still doing better than some of us think. Market Research from the firm Kantar has revealed that despite Microsoft’s claims to be the third largest player in the smartphone game, Blackberry is still outdoing them here in Old Blighty.

A cropped image of the research graph tweeted by Charles Arthur (below), Technology Editor at the Guardian, shows that at the end of March 2014, Blackberry still had the largest market share.

Blackberry has refused to die an easy and quick death it seems, one that many in the industry were not too long ago predicting. However, if we look at the wider picture, it’s still looking like they might, and worldwide Windows Phone is indeed third.

Industry analysts IDC measured a worldwide 3.5% market share for Windows Phone, so still behind iOS and Android with an expected growth to 6.4% by 2018. Blackberry’s share is expected to fall from its current 0.8% to an incredibly low 0.8%.

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