As with all episodic reviews, this may contain spoilers from the previous episodes.

Episode 4 of The Wolf Among Us picks up a little while after the epic climax of Episode 3. Bigby has been seriously wounded by Bloody Mary, the newly introduced right hand woman of the Crooked Man, to which Bigby wakes to Dr Swineheart attempting to remove the silver from Mary’s bullets and a particularly gruesome QTE to set Bigby’s broken arm.

Seeing Bigby so brutally injured gives fans of the comic series a chance to see a different side of the character, though it does feel a little unusual to see the near immortal, godlike wolf that is one of the hearts of the comic series, in such a way. There are some nice nods to Fables that haven’t made it in to the game, like Snow Whites sister Rose Red while what seems like the conclusion of Crane’s story, it fits perfectly with his appearance in the comics. 

The interaction between Bigby and Colin is as great as the first volume of the comics. The big bad wolf and one of the three little pigs being buddies is one of the things that the Fables series has always done well. Taking the original tale and flipping it on its head, although with the story constantly moving forward there aren’t enough of these quiet moments. 

This episode has been the slowest in a while, actually, taking its time to answer some of the questions that have been hanging over our heads for the last couple of episodes. While this slow burn might put some players off, it is necessary to get everything in places for the finale. The conclusion to the chapter, while not as action packed as The Crooked Man has got me pumped for the final.

The gameplay hasn’t changed from the previous episodes, but as with most Telltale titles, sticks with the changes to the dialogue made during Episode 3. Players now have quite a bit more time to make their mind up about which option to pick with only the slightest change it making a world of difference. 

The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Screenshot

The graphics are a great as the previous episodes, and the The Neo Noir look fits perfectly with the story that is being told. This episode does introduce a collection of new locations although most don’t stand out. Beauty and Beasts apartments, The Lucky Pawn and the Crooked Man’s Castle all felt like other places we had already visited. On the other hand The Cut Above’s impossibly large meat freezer is one of the creepiest locations so far.

In Sheep’s Clothing is mostly used to get everything in order for the finale, and while the slow burn might annoy some players hopefully the answers and one fight scene will help ease that pain. I personally can not wait for the final piece of the puzzle to become available so I can see the conclusion of Bigby’s story. 

The Wolf Among Us episode 4, In Sheep’s Clothing is now available on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and a collection of mobile platforms. The final episode, Cry Wolf will be available soon. Our review of Episode 3 is available here

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