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Yes, you read that right. Creative Assembly have managed to bag the entire (almost) cast of the 1979 movie Alien to voice the crew of the Nostromo in a two-part pre-order DLC. Normally, I would spit after using that term but as a huge fan of the films, this is a spectacular show of love to gamers who have a penchant for Ridley Scott’s tense, science fiction horror.

In a two part scenario, gamers will be able to get into the tight jumpsuits of Ellen Ripley, Captain Dallas and engineer, Parker, all voiced by their respective actors, Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skeritt, Yaphet Kotto. If that wasn’t enough, Harry Dean Stanton and Veronica Cartwright also reprise their roles as non-playable characters as Brett and Lambert.

The first mission consists of trying to flush H.R. Giger’s stealthy Xenomorph from the air duct system and direct it to the nearest air-lock, right after the death of Brett in the movie. You’ll take control of either Ripley, Dallas or Parker, each with their own skill set and inventory that will hopefully offer a diverse and replayable way to sink yourself into an already established scene.

On the second mission, you’ll be able to recreate the final scenes of Alien by controlling Ripley in the cat and mouse final battle to eject old banana-head out of the Nostromo, using only your wits and the little items you have to hand against it.


The creative director, Alistair Hope, in a recent interview with IGN, has stated that obviously, this won’t be a scene for scene experience but yet will retain the tension and dynamic elements that the base game has.

“At its heart, it’s the same,” says Hope. “You’re still confronting the alien, which is dynamic and reactive. It’s not scripted, which I think fits perfectly with these characters trying to confront it and surprise it. Every time you play it’s different.”

Alien: Isolation has already garnered some acclaim at E3 2014, being nominated for two titles. Although none of those awards were won, the game remained a firm favourite of gamers at the event. You’ll be able to slip out of stasis on October the 7th 2014 and get your hands on what looks to be one of the most terrifying games of the year.

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