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Now that the Android Wear powered LG G Watch is available to purchase on the Play Store, and the Samsung Galaxy Gear is set to be dispatched on July 7, a wealth of Android Wear apps have launched in the Play Store including the official Android Wear companion app as well as a brand-new category of apps which are compatible with Google’s smartwatch OS.

The new companion app, also called Android Wear, allows the user of their shiny new Android Wear smartwatch to configure various settings as well as voice actions for the smartwatch. Right now it only offers some basic functionalities such as notification settings as well as choosing what applications are used when certain voice actions are made.

Along side the release of the app Google have created a new category on the Play Store specifically for apps that are compatible with Android Wear such as Fancy, IFTTT, CloudMagic, Runtastic, Pintrest, Maps, and Hangouts. Right now there’s only a small handful of apps which are compatible, but soon enough as Android Wear smartwatches become more widely adopted (likely following the release of the Moto 360), more apps will become available.

All of these apps allow you to do some sort of action from your Android Wear device meaning that you’ll no longer have to get your phone out every time you receive a notification or for apps such as Hue Control, you can control the lighting in your home right from your wrist.

Google have promised that more third party apps are on the way in the very near future.

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