With Arrow on target for a third season, it’s about time that the Emerald started to gain a support team of his own and so, his rogues gallery begins to expand.

In the comics, Green Arrow’s first sidekick, is Speedy AKA Roy Harper. But to speed things up it looks like Oliver Queen will suit Roy up and he’ll take on Harper’s later superhero guise, Arsenal.

Arsenal was the guise Roy adopted after the Green Arrow disowned him over his heroin use and he decided to become his own hero and make a name for himself.

In this guise Roy uses a whole range of projectile weapons including guns, none of which seem to be present in his costume for the series. The costume is of course similar to Arrow’s and has slight a resemblance to its comic counterpart.

The third season of Arrow will air on October the 8th 2014, following one day after the debut of DC’s other new series, The Flash.


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