ACU Arno 2

If you’re lucky enough to be going to Comic-Con this year and your also an Assassin’s Creed fan, you may be interested in the Assassin’s Creed short that will be premiered there this year. And maybe more interested in who behind it.

If you head over to Room 6BCF on July 25th from 2 till 3 pm local time, you will witness a Q&A Panel and demo for Assassin’s Creed Unity. The panel and demo will introduce Arno as well as share new details about the game not yet released. And the guys behind the short? Rob Zombie and Tony Moore. If you don’t know who these two men are, let me give you a quick run down. Rob Zombie is the man behind the band White Zombie and later went solo and also moved into the world of film, directing the remake of Halloween in 2007. Tony Moore is the co-creator of The Walking Dead comic series.

Moore and Zombie have worked together in the past but what they plan to reveal to the world come Comic-Con is still being kept under wraps.

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to seeing this Assassin’s Creed short? Let us know in the comments below!

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