You may have been duped into thinking that Gearbox have nicked the idea of setting Imperial scum (Grey-Mane FTW) from The Elder Scrolls against each other in a battle for the realms of Tamriel, but moving away from the namesake, Battleborn looks like it’s about to change the shape of the MOBA genre in an interesting and entirely varied way.

In an article by Game Informer, it’s come to light that the Borderlands developers have been busy at work to modify the format of the e-sport forming, minion-chasing, base-destroying abuse-fest that is the multiplayer online battle arena with quite possibly, the addition of Gearbox’s staple diet of sarcasm, wit and inappropriate humour.

There’s a definite hint of Battleborn adding a lot to the genre by introducing first person play to the already overdone, top-down style we’re so used to seeing. Although this could be construed as ‘just another FPS’, the decision to set the game in a mish-mash fantastical world of NPC minions with the most versatile cast of playable characters.

The choice of character seems to range from stereotypical, FPS mini-gun toting hulk all the way down the rainbow staircase to a warpaint-clad, elven archer and a fine suited robot that wouldn’t look amiss in Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Each have their own play-style, skill-set and the option to customise your abilities to vary your toon from everyone else. The range of choice is fully unlockable but no news has been revealed on whether micro-transactions using our lovely bank accounts will be utilised.


So far, regular gameplay looks to include all the tropes of your typical MOBA, in a 5vs5 battle that will have you zooming around colourful landscapes shooting, stabbing, fireballing and hopefully, punching your foes back to their base so you can finish the blighters off with some well-selected spells and of course, foul language to harangue them into submission.

Not only are we seeing the usual multiplayer fare, a co-operative 5 player campaign has been mentioned, giving those of us who hate being humiliated by spotty kids and arrogant keyboard-tappers the opportunity to have some fun with friends and avoid being the butt of mother jokes or having your sexuality questioned every five seconds. That is unless your friends are a bunch of knobs, even while playing co-op…

Battleborn, published by 2K, will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. More news from n3 as it arrives in a hopeful update to a fan favourite of online gamers worldwide.

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