Battlefield Hardline may not be coming until 2015, that hasn’t stopped the game’s creative director Ian Milham revealing details about the games story to attendees at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend. And what’dya know, it sounds like every other ‘good cop gone bad’ plot that you’d find in the movies and cop dramas – At least they’re not doing something in the same vein as Dexter.. that would be messy.

As we already know, Battlefield Hardline follows Nick Mendoza, a SWAT officer who was involved in some sort of criminal activity, thus the story unravels, Nick and his partner are set up by another group and become criminals themselves, unfortunately things don’t go to plan as Nick ends up in prison, which he must fight his way out of, and thus prove that he’s not the criminal that he’s being thought out to be. Nick goes undercover, as you’d expect in this sort of plot, and eventually clear his name.

What makes this story pretty awesome, is that in the game you’ll get the chance to experience both sides of the story play out dynamically experiencing it both on the right side of the law, then on the wrong side. The single player campaign’s cast was also revealed too. Battlefield Hardline will star Eugene Byrd (Bones, 8 Mile) and Kelly Hu (the Scorpion King), along side Sons of Anarchy actor Benito Martinez and The Shield’s Mark Rolston.

What’s more, the games narrative will be penned by Nashville and Justified writer and producer Wendy Calhoun, the writer and producer of Justified. Performance director for Justified, Bill Johnson, will be part of the project as well.

Battlefield Hardline will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, it was set for release in October but has since been pushed back to a vaguer release window of 2015.

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