Roundabout is the creation of ex-Twisted Pixel developers, who have created a brand new indie outfit No Goblin, which sees players attempting to control a perpetually spinning limousine as they escort clients in the most ridiculous way, whilst trying to score bonuses, mow down innocent pedestrians, and keep your limo in tip-top shape. It’s truly a sight to be seen.

The trailer, which you can see above, shows off some of the games gameplay and reminds me a lot of KuruKuru Kururin for the GameBoy Advanced, but on a much grander scale. In Roundabout, players must carefully navigate the cityscape mazes in order to safely deliver their client to their destination, as well as finding secret collectibles, taking on dangerous missions, and falling in love as you relive the “1977 rise to fame story of Georgio Manos.”

“Set in 1977, Roundabout tells the rise to fame story of Georgio Manos, arguably the world’s most famous revolving chauffeur. While driving around the town of Roundabout, players can pick up passengers, compete in challenges, find hidden collectables, customize their limousine, purchase property, and much, much more!” reads the games description.

If that all sounds groovy then you’ll be pleased to know that Roundabout is heading to PC on September 18, and is expected to land on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 some time early next year!

screenshot-a screenshot-b screenshot-c


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