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Isn’t it nice when we get asked for input for things? Whether it’s sharing your two cents on a Kickstarter campaign, making developers aware of a bug in an early access title, or something as simple as choosing box-art. That’s exactly what Bethesda have on offer right now; three alternate covers for you to vote on, and the winning sleeve will be used as the alternative cover on the inside of the main box-art sleeve, what’s more ten lucky entries will win a signed copy of the game.

“The first time everyone in a group laid eyes on the cover for The Evil Within, we were pretty sure we nailed it. The cover encapsulates the peril you’ll experience playing the game,” wrote Bethesda on their blog. For those who haven’t seen the cover for The Evil Within, it depicts a person crying out who’s face is wrapped in barbed wire, which really does give you a quick idea as to the horror’s that you’ll be facing when the game launches on October 17.

For those who are more fans of alternative covers like the one that came with BioShock Infinite, you’ll be pleased to know that The Evil Within also comes with an alternative cover; there’s just one problem.. Bethesda can’t pick between the three that they have – that’s where you come in. Bethesda are asking for your thoughts on the three covers and which one you’d like to see when the game finally launches what’s more, if  if you email your choice to [email protected], you’ll have a chance to win one of 10 signed copies of The Evil Within!

Here are the three choices, head on over to the BethBlog to vote for your choice.

the evil within the evil within 2 the evil within 3

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