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Beyond: Two Souls, the literal interactive movie which stars the likes of Ellen Page and Willem Defoe, could be getting the same Remastered treatment for PlayStation 4 that The Last of Us is receiving. The news comes via listings on two separate German retailers, Alcom and World of Games. This, paired with the previous appearance of the game on a programmer’s portfolio, leads us to believe that Beyond: Two Souls will also be getting a Remastered version.

Following what Sony have said about a “huge portion” of PlayStation 4 owners haven’t yet played The Last of Us, it doesn’t seem too unlikely that Sony is looking at releasing a Remastered version of Beyond: Two Souls also.

Both retailers have listed the Remastered version of Beyond: Two Souls with a 2014 release, with one retailer going as far as to say that it’ll be arriving in September. The developers, Quantic Dream, have been known to have some involvement with the PlayStation 4 for some time now, as well as having an unannounced project in the works, could this be it?

Until either Sony or Quantic Dream announce some definitive plans for the re-release, it’ll be best to take this information with a pinch of salt.

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