A huge Famitsu feature on Hyrule Warriors has hit the internet and the scans bring new characters and information on the Dynasty Warriors-style  Wii U spin off of The Legend of Zelda games.


Zelda Informer and Nintendo Everything have been working on a translation of the massive spread and other than taking the obvious from images (like new characters), a bunch of information on actual game mechanics and weapons has been unveiled.

You can find a boomerang which can be used to stun enemies or upgraded to become the Gale Boomerang. This unleashes a gust of wind which will raise enemies in the air, allowing you to hit them and deal increased damage.

An item called a “Weapon Bag” will drop off of enemies, unlocking a random weapon once the stage is complete. There’s also – as expected and already seen – treasure boxes that hide ‘sealed weapons’. Collecting these bags will further increase the capacity of weapons that character can hold.


The menus in the screenshots were also deciphered, depicting a rarity scale and the Biggoron’s Sword from The Ocarina of Time. There’s also attributes to each weapon, indicating elemental damage (water, fire, lightning, light and darkness). Other typical stuff was also found, such as attack power and requirements that need to met to upgrade the weapon further, along with skills.

New characters that have been revealed are Sheik, Darunia (a Goron) and Ruto, the Zora who fell for Link in The Ocarina of Time. Among these familiar faces, is someone who looks like they’re from the Deku Forest. She’s joined by something that looks like Makar from The Wind Waker.


Along with this last character, appears to be a stage or area themed around The Great Deku Tree.

There seems to be confirmation of character costumes that will alter the look entirely, with different versions of Link and Zelda featured with an alternative look at the bottom.

Earlier, a trailer was released by Nintendo featuring a new weapon, the Gauntlet. It allows for the character who possesses it to use incredible strength to throw massive objects about, such as the ball and chain from Twilight Princess, for huge chaos.

Hyrule Warriors releases exclusively on Wii U, September 19th.



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This game is going to be f’ng amazing…


I’m buried in Wii U games that I haven’t finished yet but I am definitely getting this, Bayonetta 1/2 and Devil’s 3rd