My favourite character so far in the new Borderlands game gets some gameplay footage in the new video from Gearbox and 2K Australia, displayed on IGN. Athena is the tank class, bad-ass and the first female playable character that isn’t dumped in the role of a Siren.

Wielding a mighty energy shield called the Kinetic Apsis that can be powered up by absorbing damage from enemies, Athena can then send it flying back with additional pain, Steve Rodgers style… Or Sam Wilson if you’re keeping up to date with current comic events. She’s also a melee specialist giving you the chance to get up nice and close to midgets and mutants to spank them around a bit.

The trailer reveals Athena’s ability, her skill tree with some deeper explanation and a hint at the vehicles and weapons that will be used in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, including a hover-bike and the usual, slightly adapted buggy we’re all used to crashing into gulches.

Athena was introduced in the first Borderlands as an NPC character who allied with the vault hunters to fight against General Knoxxx. It’s good to see the return of characters that can add a little flair to the series including a more powerful role for women. To be honest, I was sick of seeing stereotypical soldiers in the tank role anyway. Good on you devs.

There should be more news arriving next week on another playable character, so come back then for more information.

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