Let’s hope I aim really well with all these archery puns that I’m about to work into this post..

Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye has quite a layered origin story, to say the least. After fleeing his abusive father, Clint joined the circus where he developed his archery skills and other useful superhero skills that he might need. When he saw Ironman in action he decided to costume up and try his hand at being a superhero, unfortunately it didn’t work out well when he was mistaken for a thief by the law.

Eventually he ended up working with Black Widow (who was a bad guy at the time) and the two clashed with Ironman. Though Clint didn’t enjoy his sudden costumed career change and decided to approach The Avengers and asked for help to reform.

They gave him another shot and he joined the team and became a resident go-to member of the team. Alongside reformed mutant terrorists Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and frozen late comer Captain America, Hawkeye became part of the Avengers incarnation known as ‘Cap’s Kooky Quartet,’ During his time in The Avengers Hakweye had his bow broken during a typical hero-on-villain battle and realised the drawbacks he had.

This lead to Barton using some of Henry Pym’s ‘Pym Particles’ to become the super growing hero, Goliath. An identity which will be re-used again and again throughout the years.

During the early 2000’s Marvel attempted a huge shake up with The Avengers. With The Scarlet Witch slowly losing her mind she began to use her reality manipulation powers to cause havoc. Alongside a ton of other things that hit The Avengers at the same time, Barton ending up dying on board a Kree (an alien race, the same which created Captain Marvel and was involved in creating The Inhumans) spaceship.

Of course like many deaths in comics, this didn’t last for long. Clint was brought to life during the ‘House of M’ story event. This saw reality being altered by The Scarlet Witch so Mutants were the supreme rulers of the world and Barton was part of a group of anti establishment rebels.

When reality was restored Barton remained, thus his life was restored.

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