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Yeah, the legend himself, Bruce Lee has come out on top in a recent infograph that EA have released. Lee is the most used player despite never actually fighting in the UFC.

And how many times has Bruce Lee been chosen to enter the octagon? 3.41 Million times. Yeah, that’s a lot I know. In second place is Jon Jones with 3.40 Million selections. Bruce Lee is also not available straightaway, which makes it more astonishing. Unless you pre-ordered the game you have to either finish the game on hard mode or pay for access. You can pay per weight class or pay a total to unlock him in all 4 weight classes.

You can see the trailer for Bruce Lee in the ring here.

There’s been talks of who else could make a cameo appearance in the game. Dana White, President of UFC said he would be okay with Chuck Norris appearing in the game but said no NBA Legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s version of Hercules.

I played the demo just the other and managed to get a knock out against Gustafsson in about a round and half, and feeling pumped I decided to have a rematch and proceeded to get knocked out in 43 seconds flat…

The Infographic can be seen below, hit the image for the full size look and share your thoughts in the comments what you think of Bruce Lee being in the game and the potential appearance of Chuck Norris.

UFC Inforgraphic


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