Back in April, Bungie fired composer Martin O’Donnell “without cause.”

O’Donnell then filed suit in May against Bungie claiming that the developer and its President Harold Ryan had denied the veteran composer pay from unused benefits like sick days and vacation time. According to O’Donnell, pay for these benefits were written into his contract for him to receive in the event of this very situation.

It became clear that Ryan and Bungie disagreed when both officially stated after the lawsuit was filed that O’Donnell was not “entitled to the relief requested, or any relief whatsoever.”

However, recently in Seattle, a Superior Court Judge from King County approved a settlement that a GamesBeat report claimed will pay the composer upwards of $95,000, and also prevent this lawsuit from seeing a trial.

The figure was calculated from unpaid vacation time, work, legal fees and double damages – which states one party must pay twice the amount of money owed to another party.

Although the issue was caused by a firing we still don’t (and may never) fully understand, it seems the person most negatively affected is getting proper restitution. Also, this is good for Bungie to get out of their hair prior to the final building and release of Destiny.

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