The new Dev Diary from Sledgehammer Games takes a look at the level of detail that the team are putting in to facial animation in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The team are working with advanced performance capture technology to bring a level of immersion that hasn’t been possible until now.

Sledgehammer Games has touched briefly on the use of actors in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with Sledgehammer Director Bret Robbins saying that “The character in game will looks just like the actor in real life, we use his voice, we use his full body performance and you just get a very realistic, lifelike, filmic, performance out of these amazing actors we have.” But now, we look at how the developers are creating a more realistic looking character in the game.

Christopher Stone, animation director at Sledgehammer Games explains in the video above about the new technology the team are using to not only capture movement but even the facial expressions and facial muscles used from the actor. “Kevin Spacey can bring a performance to the table without saying a word. When he stepped into that role, Irons wasn’t just a character any more he was a person,” explains Stone. “That’s something you wouldn’t have been able to get until now. Definitely one of the highlights of my career.”

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set in a not to distance future where private military companies have become the new super powers. Kevin Spacey is playing Jeremy Irons the head of one of these and the main antagonist. The near future is allowing the team at Sledgehammer to create new, interesting weapons and gadgets. The games EXO skeleton is said to change the way players interact with their environment and will be present in both single and multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be Current-Gen first although Last-Gen version will be available. The game will be available on the 4th of November and pre ordering will net players the Advanced Arsenal pack. Their is no word yet on any special editions of the game.

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