Call of Duty: Ghosts customization packs are nothing new, and they are certainly not meant to be tame.

With the recent addition of six new personalization packs, three new character packs, and access now granted to weapons you couldn’t get without getting DLC, Ghosts is falling even further away from it’s ‘military sim’ mentality in an effort to stay relevant.

Leopard, Tattoo, Abstract, Skulls, Nebula and Hydra are the names adorning the newest weapon-pimping skins being sold for $1.99 to Xbox players.

If that’s not enough, or you just want the ‘total look’ from previous personalization packs, you can also get Inferno, Bling, and the appropriately named Blunt Force character packs $1.99. You know, incase you felt you weren’t covered in quite enough weed leaves.

Adding a bit more motivation to spend some dough, you can now purchase the Maverick Sniper/Assault Rifle and Ripper SMG separately from the Onslaught and Devastation DLC packs for $3.99.

No word on when these packs will be available for PlayStation players.

I actually don’t really have an issue with these, it just makes me think of people dressing up to match this car.

Crap Bug

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