Have you ever wanted to take the world of The Witcher with you everywhere you go but have been limited to playing it on console or PC? Well now you’ll be able to take The Witcher with you wherever you go as CD Projekt RED has unveiled The Witcher Battle Arena a new MOBA title exclusively for mobile, a free-to-play offering that’s coming later this year.

Earlier this year there were reports that CDPR were working on a mobile title but details of which weren’t revealed. Now however, The Witcher developer has unveiled something a little different. The Witcher Battle Arena is a pocket-sized MOBA developed specifically for mobile devices, it’ll be a free-to-play effort that’ll offer microtransactions strictly for speeding up leveling. All other items such as weapons, characters, and vanity items can all be unlocked through playing the game.

The game is expected to arrive on will arrive on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms at some point later this year (Q4), CD Projekt RED are the designers behind the game, Fuero Games will be responsible for its development.

Want more? Check out the teaser trailer above!

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