Technical artist Hayssam Keilany, the brains and the talent behind the GTA IV mod, iCEnhancer, has decided to call it quits following the release of iCEnhancer 3.0 thanks to an influx of complaints about lack of credit to other modders for work he himself did, crap suggesting his fame is due to “whoring” himself out to media, and get this; complains that the mod isn’t as good as other releases and that it doesn’t look as good as Watch Dogs.. Jesus..

Keilany wrote in a statement on his Facebook page that he’s planning to call it quits with the iCEnhancer thanks to “people spitting on [him].” It seems he’s had enough with the torrents of negativity which comes with every release of the mod, that he develops in his spare time, with both the modding community and fans of the game picking holes, making accusations, and to put it simply, bullshit drama.  The full statement is fairly long-winded, but here’s what Keilany had to say:

“So yep, that’s it. At every release it’s the same, since 1.2. People spitting on me, my work, everything I do just because people know me or whatever. that’s always nice -cough-,” said Keilany. “I spent days, weeks, months doing 3.0, released it because I thought people would like it and stuff. If you don’t then i’m sorry, but it’s how I like my GTA.”

“I’m going to release the installer and downgrader then i’m done for a while.

“Thanks to the people who supported me and stuff, you guys are cool. No thanks for the guys trying to bring me down constantly. You guys did it after 4 years, I give up on haters.

“Have a nice day, and have fun on 3.0 if you like it.”

To read the full statement, including a few choice words Keilany had to say about certain comments, head to the source link below. For those hoping that he’ll return to iCEnhancer, I wouldn’t hold onto it for too long.

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