In celebration of Intependence Day, Rockstar has released a brand new content pack which practically screams ‘MURRRCA in your ear until you’re deaf. What’s more, they’re celebrating July 4 by having a four day weekend event that’ll see players earning double GTA$ and double RP as well as 75% of all airstrikes and 35% off ammo for grenade launchers, RPGs and miniguns. ‘MURRRCA!!

The Independence Day Special DLC is a limited set of DLC which will see you getting your own humongous Liberation monster truck, a star spangled Soverign motorcycle, as well as a bunch of new weapons, one of which fires fireworks at your foes! ‘MURRCA!

The DLC also introduces a bunch of new houses for you to purchase using your millions from the heists that you’ve been successfully compl… wait.. *ahem*. There’s also a bunch of new jobs for you to dive right into which’ll see your bank account flourish in no time! ‘MURRCA!

For more information on the DLC head to the Rockstar News Wire.

As for the extra special Independence Day weekend, players will be able to earn double GTA$ and double RP! There’s also some special crate drops as well as an all new Snapmatic contest. “However you’re commemorating the Fourth of July this weekend, we want to see those Snapmatic pics showing your love for Old Glory,” reads the Rockstar News Wire post.

Will you be taking part in the MURRRCA event? I mean, the Independence Day Special Weekend?

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