Optimus still #2 (Sword pointing)

Hey there’s a Transformer film out! Also we have many Marvel films out and still coming out. So why don’t I impress you with my wonderful list of modes of transportations Autobot and Decepticon could take? Well, great! Lets roll out!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier – The mobile headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D. which is basically an aircraft carrier with flying rockets. So that’s a good disguise the huge and might Fortress Maximus? Considering the size of the helicarrier and how temperamental it is and how Maximus feels about fighting maybe that’s a good match?

Batmobile – Be honest, you saw this coming didn’t you? The most iconic comic book vehicle is bound to appear on this list. Who will it be? Someone who is as dark and grim as Batman himself? No of course, it has to be someone who picks up the slack in another department, like how Robin was all beat and witty?

Cue Jazz. The freshest and cheerful Autobot going. Based on the first Transformer film Jazz had a few decent tricks up his sleeve, he was agile as Robin and his magnetic sidearm was pretty neat to. Plus if Megatron does kill him again it would mirror Batman’s lose of Jason Todd as well.

Captain America’s bike – When not being awkwardly carried by Ironman everywhere or jumping out of an exploding Quinn Jet, Captain America rides a motorcycle. It’s not a fancy looking Batman motorcyle, it’s old fashioned and looks like a Harley Davidson mostly.

So who should that be? Acree of course. Y’know that motorcycle from Revenge of The Fallen (one of the few good things from Revenge of The Fallen). The action scene she was involved in was pretty fun and a quick colour change to something Captain Americay could sorted out no doubt.

Plus a fairly interesting chance to a character more screen time perhaps?

Antman’s Ants – Ants are form or transport too. Transformers sometimes pretend to be animals to. So since those pesky Decepticons like to hide in plain site, why not as ants? Maybe it’ll give Beast Wars baddie Waspinator something to do?

Have I missed one? Tweet or comment below!

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Did u really just disrespect Inferno the fire ant by calling him Waspinator? I was a big fan of Beast wars lol


Josh Francis
Josh Francis

Nah, I just think Waspinator could do with a career change :)