In a move that has come completely out of left field it looks like comedy series Community will be saved from the abyss, as Sony Pictures TV and Yahoo hatching a last minute deal for the show’s sixth season.

After a disappointing and rather tame end to the show’s fifth season it looked like the inevitable had finally happened, with NBC cancelling Community and finally delivering the final blow that many of the show’s staff and fans expected for the last couple of seasons.

In recent weeks a number of rumours have come through that Sony Pictures TV were looking for a number of different networks to take the show on and stop its short end, Hulu flirted with the idea of taking the show online for a while, but it seems that Yahoo beat them to it.

The news was announced in a bit of a victorious Yahoo blog post that was peppered with references and throwbacks to the better times at Greendale, maybe that was a deliberate move to try and show fans that they too miss the humour of the first three seasons.

Yahoo’s decision to pick up the show and air it on Yahoo Screen, their own (sort of) streaming service, makes sense – especially when you consider the show didn’t get huge ratings through network TV but had a near cult-like following on the web.

With the sixth season in the bag, and airing this Fall, it looks like Harmon and co. have to hit the drawing board and ensure that the show gets out of the slump it has faced for the last couple of seasons, attempting to coax Donald Glover back to the halls of Greendale will be a good place to start.

The inside joke within fans of the show, and the show itself, is that Community will get through six seasons and a movie, meaning this could be the show’s last innings on the small screen.

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