Driveclub, the PlayStation exclusive, next-generation racing game from Evolution Software certainly packs a punch. Not only does it have some of the most gorgeous looking vehicles and environments, as well as a spectacular day/night cycle, Sony have just offered a closer look at the games Dynamic Weather System, and when it rains, it pours.

Evolution gave us a glimpse at the games weather system at E3 last month, but now, Sony has gotten a hold of some direct-feed footage of the weather in action showing you exactly how sun, wind, rain, and snow (amongst other thins) will effect your races and how exactly you can use the weather system to customise your challenges. Driveclub’s Dynamic Weather system is a fully customisable system and will be coming to the game as part of a free update, soon after launch.

Speaking with Sony, Evolution Studios’ ArtDirector Alex Perkins discussed the feature in more detail.

“We’ve approached our weather system with the same guiding principles as we’ve done with everything in Driveclub: to make it as immersive and fun as possible. We’ve developed a powerful engine that has the capability to model the entire environment in stunning detail; from each cloud that makes up our living skies, to every crest and fall in the tarmac beneath your wheels,” said Perkins. “From there, we’re breathing additional life into the environments by developing the earth’s atmosphere around it. Originally we focused on authentic lighting and skies as the tool for you to customize stunning backdrops for fun challenges with your friends. Now, we’re developing a dynamic weather system that plays into all of this, adding another powerful tool to your arsenal.”

Perkins goes on to discuss the weather feature and how exactly players can use it to their advantage during challenges over on the PlayStation Blog. Head to the source link below to read more.

Driveclub is expected to launch on October 8 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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