As one iPhone user on reddit points out, Siri needs an upgrade. Microsoft’s Cortana (on the low end Lumia 635, which retails at around £100) is shown tackling relatively complex voice commands while Siri on an iPhone 5s (not a cheap phone) apparently sits by unable to comprehend the command.

It’s a short dig and although it’s quite obviously staged, it does show that Windows Phones can pack a little punch. Tons of work went into Cortana before it’s release and although it’s still in beta it is quite a finished product. Siri however, seems to be starting to age and stagnate.

You might want to also take into account the fact the video is not showing Cortana up against Google now, possibly because there is much less of a difference.

The video was shown at Microsoft’s developer conference, Build 2014, but was uploaded shortly on the Windows Phone YouTube channel.


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